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Waist Trainer for Men, Sweat Waist Trimmer Shirt,Neoprene-Free Waist Shaper Sauna Shirat Slimming

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  • TIPS BEFORE WEARING:The neoprene-free inside thermogenic polymer fabric is 100% made of polyurethane. After receiving Nanooer sauna shirt, washing them is a wiser choice for you before wearing it because there might be a little smell that we??ve been trying our best to make it lighter. But at the same time we put something to cover up the smell. And what we want to remind you is that this kind of men??s sauna shirt is NOT machine-washable.
  • FABRIC OF THIS SHIRT??The fabric used in this sauna shirt is environment-friendly, and it won??t fade even when you wash it for the first time. The sauna shirt is well-stitched with its sleeves and it is comfortable to wear with no sense of restrain. You will always feel good after sweat a lot by wearing the sauna shirt and doing exercise, pamper yourself with the pleasure of sweating.
  • HEAT UP QUICKLY: Comparing to ordinary sportswear which takes you much longer time to heat up your body and make you sweat, Nanooer sauna shirt for men has an advantage in promoting perspiration and make you feel sweaty in a short time. Sporting with Nanooer sauna shirt, you will find it very easy to sweat, and then you will make it quicker to control your weight so that you reach your fitness goal.
  • KEEP IMPROVING: There will be 7 sizes of our waist slimmer prepared for you, please check out which size fits you the most before buying our waist slimmer. As many of the men sauna suits are facing size issue, and the actual feeling of wearing varies from person to person, but we are always pursuing the most suitable size for you and hoping our items could fit you the most.
  • EASY TO PUT ON/OFF: The design of zipper is added to this men’s sauna shirt, which brings you a more convenient experience of wearing this kind of waist shaper. Different from traditional shirt, zipper style is more easy to put on and take off, and it will take you less time.


重量 0.25 盎司
尺寸 30 × 20 × 4 英寸

Blue, Silver





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