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NANOOER is a line of sweat enhancing compression wear that combines an exclusive blend of performance and polymer fabrics that work together to seal in your natural body heat. So you sweat more and get results fast!。

Also known as body shapers, our clothing instantly gives you a slim and sleek look just by putting it on. Our design eliminates love handles and minimizes jiggle, so you can feel confident and comfortable during sweat-soaked workouts. 

Built to improve recovery and prevent muscle strain, our clothing hugs every inch of your body for 360 degrees of compression and support, so you get the most out of every workout. The compressive designs can increase blood flow to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent strain.

Sweating is vital as it helps relieve your body of excess water. Wearing the Sweat Shaper creates a hot sauna-like effect while working out or during everyday activities. What that means is that the core temperature of your body rises, allowing you to sweat more and quickly shed water weight. For best results, we recommend wearing NANOOER every day even if you’re not exercising. Please be sure to consult with a physician first before starting an exercise routine of any kind. Always practice a healthy diet and proper hydration when incorporating NANOOER into your lifestyle.

Unlike bulky neoprene garments, NANOOER clothing is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable, so it moves and stretches with you during workouts at the gym, yoga, cardio, everyday activities, and so much more. NANOOER is 100% latex and neoprene free which is known to cause skin reactions to some people.

Every NANOOER style also features a size chart on their respective product page. Please feel free to contact us and we are always happy to help you find your perfect fit.

All NANOOER garments uses machine washable and quick-drying materials.

Before wearing NANOOER for the first time, be sure to wipe down the inner lining with a damp cloth. Use a clean cloth to dry the Sweat Shaper or air-dry. To clean and care for your Sweat Shaper: – Machine wash, COLD, gentle cycle. – Allow NANOOER to air dry before next use. Or – Use a damp cloth with a gentle soap or mild detergent. – Wipe the inner lining repeatedly and then rinse away the soap with cold water. – Allow NANOOER to air dry before next use.

NEVER machine dry or use a hot iron on your NANOOER. Failure to follow these instructions may cause damage to the NANOOER fabric. If your NANOOER fabric becomes damaged, discontinue use and contact us so we can help.

NANOOER is designed to fit comfortably during exercise while providing compression but should not be too tight that it restricts circulation. Please consult a physician if you are experiencing pain or swelling. If a rash develops, discontinue use immediately. Never wear NANOOER for longer than two to three hours at a time. Never wear NANOOER when sleeping. Consult a physician before beginning a workout routine of any kind or making a change to an existing workout routine. Always monitor your body when exercising. Always stay hydrated and avoid using NANOOER during situations which involve extreme heat.

NANOOER does not guarantee a specific amount of weight loss and is not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease, specific medical condition or health problem. Your results may vary based on starting weight, diet, exercise, and length of product use.

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As we continue to take steps to protect our consumers, we also encourage them to be diligent when purchasing NANOOER products and look for telltale signs of counterfeits – such as spelling errors on the packaging, improper use of product names, low-quality packaging, unusually low prices, and any other details that seem suspicious. We strongly recommend that consumers only purchase NANOOER products from this website. If you suspect you mistakenly purchased a counterfeit NANOOER product please contact us immediately.

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