OAWEK Sister Gifts from Sister Candle


OAWEK Sister Gifts from Sister

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  • [GIFTS FOR SOUL SISTERS] – This candle is the perfect gift for a sister, add a little humour to the gift giving and make her laugh when she receives it!
  • [GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION] -A surprise gift for your sister on her birthday, mother’s day, christmas, thanksgiving, wedding, moving, leaving or any other occasion! This gift will melt her heart and make her feel the love and happiness it is filled with.
  • [A GIFT THAT BRINGS RELAXATION AND PLEASURE] – Even without the candles, the room is filled with a light lemongrass sage scent that will help your sister relax on vacation, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, help relieve headaches, and bring sweetness and calm. Spend the day in the soft candlelight and fresh air.
  • [A WARM GIFT FOR SISTER] – Lavender candles are made from all natural soy wax and contain no harmful substances or toxic chemical residues. Burns for about 50 hours with no soot or pungent odor. It’s the perfect addition to the home or office, display this candle in the office, living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.



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