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NANOOER Premium Waist Trimmer for Men, Waist Trainer Sauna Belt, Neoprene-Free Waist Cincher, Sauna Slimming Belt

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  • Shape Waist Lift Hips Tighten Thighs, Shape waist to perfect body shape, You Deserve It; Please measure your waist size correctly and use our size chart on the left Pic.5 instead of Amazon’s.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRICATION: The neoprene-free inside thermogenic polymer fabric is friendly to your skin and going to help heat your body and fasten your perspiration when you are wearing the waist trimmer belt having physical activities in the gym or at home. The fabric will make you feel like in a sauna house, because the waist trimmer will help promote sweating and be a good choice of waist trainer for exercising everyday.
  • QUICK BODY SHAPING: Nanooer waist trimmer belt is made of high quality spandex fabrics and it would help you with shaping your body by heating up quickly and promoting sweating to make you look fitter. And please don??t worry about whether Nanooer waist trainer belt for men would affect the overall appearance of your wear, it is thin and hidden unless you are wearing other clothes too tight and thin.
  • ENDURING COMFORT: Although it helps you sweat a lot, you don??t have to worry about sweating to affect your comfort because it has certain waterproof property. You won??t feel Nanooer sweat waist trimmer getting heavier when you are sweating after jogging or doing some other aerobic exercise in the gym, because the fabric is elastic enough to stretch with your every movement and fits your muscles and skin so that you will feel much comfortable.
  • SAUNA-LIKE EXPERIENCE: Nanooer waist trimmer consists of 2 layers of fabric but it feels like there??s only 1 layer when putting it on. The inner side of the waist trimmer belt promotes sweating by speeding up heating your body to make you feel in a sauna-like area exercising. And the excess fat in your waist will be burned faster to achieve the effect of body shaping. You can image how quick and how much you will sweat when you are sporting in a sauna.
  • 30-DAY REFUND GUARANTEE: We trust that Nanooer waist trimmer will be the wisest choice of waist trimmer belt for men, hence we are offering a 30-day guarantee. If you are not very satisfied with your Nanooer waist trimmer, no matter the smell, the quality, or something other, please message us through Amazon, and we’ll replace or refund your order. But please don??t ask anything other. We believe we can give you a satisfactory solution and solve the problem much proper.
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重量 0.2 盎司
尺寸 30 × 20 × 2 英寸

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